10 Things Not To Do at Glastonbury Festival

Like the other odd 200,000 revellers at Glastonbury 2017 I have got some serious glasto withdrawals, otherwise known as the #glastoblues. Being my second time at Glasto – the first when I was 19 and now 8 years later – I can honestly say that having the best time of my life was not a one hit wonder. I absolutely LOVE it. Going to Glastonbury is like going to another world where the rules, or lack thereof, are equalled with the individual spirit and love of life of everyone around you. It’s the music, it’s the people, it’s the abundance of food, it’s the colours, it’s the strange and the bizarre, it’s the hard yards of getting there and the grit of it all that truly makes the 6 days camping experience in a farm with no showers absolutely worth it and a one of a kind experience that, if you are lucky enough, you will get tickets to. So while I sit here reminiscing and dreaming of going in another 2 years time, I will leave you with my best tips of what NOT to do to prepare in advance, sharing the things I have learned that made my experience something I won’t forget.IMG_2825.JPG

  1. Do not get there too early. Gates opened at 8am on Wednesday morning and this year the heatwave was lethal for those who were keen to get there but unluckily were met with lengthy lines. It’s really the luck of the draw to get the best spot but taking a coach instead of driving seemed to be much quicker (by about 4 hours) to get in this time around.
  2. Do not get there too late – pitching a tent in the dark when there is hardly any space to even sit between some tents is really not ideal. If you are arriving later than you hoped see if you can find a friend to set your tent up for you. Make sure they also bring a recognisable flag to help guide you to your new ‘home’ over the coming days.IMG_2775img_2478.jpg
  3. Do not camp right near a stage. If you do camp too close to a stage you can expect to be in the midst of hordes of crowds. The final night after Ed Sheeran was absolute madness when everyone decided to head towards Jamie xx. THOUSANDS were literally inching their way around tents to get by, I saw many get either trodden on or collapse. Likewise, camping downhill near the toilets is also a bad idea for that matter… however this could be a consequence of arriving late and it being the only available space so be warned.
  4. Do not bring a million things. Stick to a packing list and check in with your friends so you don’t double up when it isn’t necessary. A lot of the food you think you will eat, you won’t. There is so much choice (plus vegetarian/vegan options!) that it would be just not be right to try it. Breakfast plus some snacks to accompany drinking at your campsite is really the only food needed.
  5. Do not bring just ‘normal clothes’ – costumes are the way to go and also way more fun. This year the group I was with coordinated to wear different costumes on different days and it made each day both memorable and hilarious.img_2546.jpgIMG_3324IMG_3140
  6. Do not leave your tent without toilet paper. You will need it, trust me. Although, there are usually people in line that will sympathise with you and give you a few squares. The hand sanitiser there will also surely run out so bring that too.
  7. Do not expect to sleep. Much. There is so much to do until the early hours that the stages could shut down completely, even in the late night spots of Arcadia and the Shangri La, and you may still find a sunrise rave with a boombox going on (true story).IMG_3296
  8. Do not just see the acts your group of friends want to see. Venture out and go in pairs or fly solo if need be. You do not want to miss seeing artist you like then risk hearing everyone rave about how it was the best performance of their career afterwards. You will have serious regret.
  9. Do not expect to get home afterwards in a hurry – around 3 hours is generally the norm to just exit the carpark if you don’t leave before sunrise on the last day. Also, make sure you actually know where you have parked your car. This can add a considerable amount of time to your journey and when you have to split up to search for it amongst the numerous paddocks while hungover and hungry, you will be wishing you had taken a photo of the surrounding signs (or anything) to help you…
  10. Do not think normal life will ever be the same. Going back to reality just doesn’t compare after a Glasto experience. Glasto blues is real and the music pounding in your head for days is too.Katy Perry setIMG_2852IMG_3338